Jauzo Oy provides IT consulting services.

Mikko Ahonen is the leading consultant for Jauzo Oy. He has extensive history working in various coordination and technical development roles, such as a CTO, System Architect and Chief Product Owner.

Mikko strives in many kinds of projects, but he espcially likes to work with startups, and initial phases of projects where the product concepts, roles, requirements and processess are still hazy and need to be clarified. He has experience from various size of projects, ranging from simple projects to 10+ MEUR programs consisting of multiple projects.

He has worked with wide range of technologies, including from open source and Microsoft ecosystems. His contribution has varied from the very technical, such as architecting high-availability solution for distributed database, into coordination, such as straigthening the coordination of a critically failing project.

His approach is sensible, technology-agnostic, pragmatic and honest, while still often being innovative. He guards the interest of the customer religiously. While his approach may be creative, it is always based on sound analysis of the situation and using technologies that have a proven track record.

On his free time, he spends time with his family, and dances various couple dances, including argentine tango. He is also a gentleman scientist, working on microscope automation, image recognition for health care, and deep learning algorithms. Recently, he has started to do leather and wood working.